Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital will provide physicians with the resources and freedom to focus on patient care and be the hospital of choice for patients and employees.physician-pic

If you are a physician interested in becoming credentialed at Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital, please provide us with your name and address and you will receive a pre-application.

Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital was established as a result of the partnership of the following physicians and National Surgical Healthcare, Inc. It is the mission of this hospital and its physician partners to provide the highest quality services and support to our patients, physicians and staff. This commitment is passed on to you through our specialized and skilled staff all of who are dedicated to your care.

  • Dr. Christopher D. Bryce, MD
  • Dr. Terrence Crowder, MD
  • Dr. Marc Dinowitz, MD
  • Dr. Earl Feng, MD
  • Dr. Todd Gunzy, DPM
  • Dr. Cynthia Kooima, MD
  • Dr. Jason Lake, MD
  • Dr. Andre Matthews, MD
  • Dr. Michael McCauley, MD
  • Dr. Kipling Sharpe, MD
  • Dr. Maxwell Thomas, MD
  • Dr. Klee Bethel, MD
  • Dr. Matthew Hansen, MD
  • Dr. William Paterson, MD
  • Dr. Edward Song, MD

Many other Physicians are participating providers at our Hospital. To see if your doctor is a provider, go to FIND A PHYSICIAN or call our office at 480-832-4770.


Medical Staff Resource Center – Hospital Affiliation Letter

Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital is pleased to provide you with a new automated system called Re-Portal to provide quick and accurate on-line affiliation verification letters.  This service is available for all credentialed practitioners that are past and current members of our medical staff and allied health staff.  Once your selection is made a letter will immediately print with your hospital name and the information you requested.  If you cannot locate a practitioner, please contact the Medical Staff Office at 480-734-2332, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Self-verification Reportal

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