Total Joint & General Orthopedics


Do you suffer with painful or damaged joints? A total joint replacement may be an option. Over time, joints deteriorate due to arthritis, osteoporosis, injury and overuse which can cause pain and immobility. When other treatment options fail to alleviate this pain and immobility, a total joint replacement may be considered.

Utilizing state of the art technology, the award-winning physicians at Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders requiring total joint replacement. Our physicians work with patients to create custom treatment plans that alleviate their pain and get them back to enjoying normal, active lives.

Common Conditions

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Limited Mobility

Common Procedures

Total Hip Replacement:

If your hip has been damaged by arthritis, injury, or other serious conditions, you may want to consider a total hip replacement. By removing damaged bone & cartilage, then replacing it with prosthetic materials, patients experience decreased pain and increased mobility. Our physicians perform total hip replacements utilizing a posterior (back) approach or an anterior (front) approach.

Total Knee Replacement:

If you suffer from severe knee pain, or various knee conditions, and nonsurgical treatments are no longer helping, your physician may recommend total knee replacement surgery. Total knee replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged surfaces of the bones of the knee with implants on the femur and tibia. Implants are constructed from artificial material consisting of metal alloys, ceramic material, or strong plastic parts. Our physicians work with patients to help decide which type of implant is best for you.

Total Shoulder Replacement:

Shoulder joint replacement surgery should be considered if nonsurgical treatments are no longer successful. Total shoulder replacement involves replacement of the damaged joint with a prosthetic implant. The procedure requires replacement of the head of the humerus bone (ball) or the replacement of the head of the humerus bone (ball) and the glenoid cavity of the scapula (socket).